The Equestrian, Secular and Chapterial Order of Saint Joachim welcomes new members who ascribe to its ideals and support its charitable purposes. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about the Order. The Order has admitted ladies for over 200 years and is open to all faiths. The Order has available a small booklet with important information for new and prospective members.

The Order supports its original mission of tolerance by being one of the most inclusive Orders in the world. In addition to religious tolerance, whereby members of any faith can be admitted as a member of the Order, it has extended that mission of tolerance to a broader socially progressive mandate and welcomes individuals regardless of faith, gender, race, nationality, class or sexual orientation. It stands resolutely opposed to sectarian violence and religious extremism in any form.

There are several important things to keep in mind when considering membership in The Order of Saint Joachim. First, almost half of the inquiries and applications we receive are declined for a variety of reasons. The Order has a vetting process that includes an inquiry into the prospective member’s background. Anything that would bring the honour and integrity of the Order in question results in disqualification. Similarly, fake titles, honours, degrees also result in disqualification. Applicants who do not exhibit sufficient charitable work, maturity or achievement will likely not be accepted. There is a minimum age requirement of 21 years, although it is rare that people that young are admitted. The Order’s core values are tolerance, compassion and religious ecumenicism. It has a long history of being a socially progressive order, and prospective members should openly share those values. If an application for membership is declined, the Order has a policy of not indicating its reasons.

Individuals wishing to become members of The Order may petition to join oblation. Such Petitions require the sponsorship of a current member of The Order. Prospective members who do not have a sponsor are encouraged to contact Grand Chapter with a preliminary inquiry accompanied by a resume with particulars of public or charitable service with a view to finding a sponsor within the Order. If an inquiry is to be considered, then a completed Petition will be requested. The Order has a policy of not providing reasons or discussing particulars of any Petition that is declined.

Once a petition has been accepted, new members will be asked to forward to Grand Chapter a passage fee of £100 and first year’s oblations of £50. Upon acceptance of the Petition by Grand Chapter and payment of the fee and oblation, the member is admitted to The Order and entitled to wear the miniature insignia of the Order as a Knight/Dame Expectant.

A Knight/Dame Expectant of the Order may apply for consideration for promotion to the next rank, which carries with it by virtue of the Grand Master’s authority under The Order’s Charter the honourific title of a Knight/Dame of The Order, with the entitlement to use the prefix Chevalier and suffix KJ/DJ. Additional details are available by contacting the Order.
Further promotion within The Order (i.e. Knight Commander or Knight Grand Commander) is at the discretion of the Grand Master or Grand Chancellor, as a recognition by The Order for charitable deeds, service to The Order and other special consideration. Such advancements happen infrequently. Unlike some other orders, The Order of Saint Joachim does not have a large and elaborate hierarchy of ranks. There are only four ranks from Expectant through to Knight Grand Commander, and most members will spend their entire lives in the Order as a Knight or Dame.

Please do not send unsolicited Petitions for membership unless you have already secured a sponsor within The Order. Preliminary inquiries should first be made to the Grand Secretary. Membership inquiries, sponsorship, questions about the form and completed applications for membership may be forwarded to Grand Secretary care of the office of the Grand Chancellor.

The Order provides for the establishment of Commanderies in any country of the world, such membership being under the control and authority of the Grand Chapter, under the authority of the Grand Master who is the temporal head of the Order. There are Commanderies established in Canada, the USA, Austria-Germany, and the in the UK. Members not under the jurisdiction of a Commandery automatically belong to the Knight Errant Commandery under the leadership of the Order’s Grand Prior.

Currently the Order has members in approximately 40 countries, including the UK, Australia, Austria, Germany, the USA, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, Hong Kong, Sweden, Bahrain, New Zealand, Iceland, The Czech Republic, Malta and Spain.

The members and Knights of the Order endeavour to raise funds and several Commanderies also operate fully registered  charities in order to contribute to worthy causes.

The Order of Saint Joachim welcomes members of other Orders, the only exception being an “Order” has been clearly been founded for no other purpose than to satisfy the vanity of applicants or to enrich the founders with little to no active charitable purpose. Many members of other Orders find The Order of Saint Joachim to be a refreshing change from frequently hierarchical, closed and cliquish structures found elsewhere. While there is dignity and solemnity in The Order of Saint Joachim’s proceedings, it is a friendly, small and welcoming Order for those who qualify.

Membership inquiries may be sent to the Order’s Vice Grand Chancellor, H.E. Dr. The Chevalier David Douglas GCJ at