On May 25, 2018 the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect for all companies and organizations that collect data from EU residents. Below is the UK Commandery's Data Privacy Notice to our members.


1. The UK Commandery of The Equestrian, Secular and Chapterial Order of Saint Joachim collects and holds personal information (data) provided by the following groups of people:
a. applicants for membership of the Order who may subsequently be assigned to the UK Commandery, and,
b. full members of the UK Commandery

2. The data concerned are specifically:
a. names and addresses
b. telephone numbers
c. email addresses

3. The data are collected in order to process membership applications, to correspond with the people concerned (including requests for payments and donations) and to advertise events organised by the Order.

4. The data we hold about you is collected from the application form (Petition and supporting documents) which is completed when you apply for membership in the Order:
a. for a membership application received by the UK Commandery, the data are passed directly to Grand Chapter in Canada, where they are used for the purposes described in 3 above, being held on a separate database.
b. for a membership application forwarded to Grand Chapter in Canada the data are shared with the UK Commandery for the purposes described in 3 above and are held on the UK Commandery database.

5. The data are stored by the UK Commandery in the following manner:
a. as Petitions held in paper files located in domestic premises which are normally locked;
b. on simple computer databases in Word, Excel or other format which are regularly and securely backed-up; and,
c. as a list of contacts held in an electronic mail system (such as gmail, etc).

6. Access to the data held by the UK Commandery is restricted to the UK Commander and the Secretary/Treasurer of the UK Commandery.

7. The data are held for each person for the whole time that person remains a member of the group concerned and are removed immediately it is known that they are no longer required.

8. The data are considered by the UK Commandery as relevant to its efficient operation.

9. The data are copied from the databases or mail system on to new items of correspondence or new emails. They are not used for any other purposes and it is not envisaged that this will change in the future. We also guarantee that we will not release your data to any third party for any purpose whatsoever.

10. When you provide us with your personal information (data), you will be asked whether you agree to its continued storage as indicated in the foregoing.

11. If we introduce any changes to this privacy notice, we will give you notice and provide a means by which you can either agree or revoke the changes.

12. Members of the relevant group may inspect the data held about them and request changes to it only by application to the Secretary/Treasurer to the UK Commandery.

13. Requests for personal data about members of each group identified in 1 above that are either (i) directed to someone other than the Secretary; or (ii) come from anyone other than the relevant member of that group will be declined.

14. Management of the data will conform to the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulations and training will be given to those who need it. Any breach of the General Data Protection Regulations or the Data Protection Act as a whole will be dealt with severely.

For the international Order's general Data Privacy Policy Statement, please click here.

2018 The Order of Saint Joachim