To support our international nature, The Order of Saint Joachim offers secure, on-line payment facilities through PayPal to better serve our members. Members who find it difficult or expensive to forward international money orders in foreign currencies can now choose to make payments to The Order using your credit card, debit card, or bank account. PayPal uses state of the art encryption and security technology to allow individuals to make secure purchases without revealing credit card numbers or financial information.

Click here to access The Order's PayPal account at The Order's PayPal address is

By clicking above, you will be taken to a secure on-line payment form hosted by PayPal. When making a payment, you can specify the currency (usually British pounds, American or Canadian dollars). Please remeber to also use the text field to notify the Order what the payment relates to (annual oblations, passages fees, specific insignia, etc.) so we can better track and process your payment.

Please note that to use PayPal to make payments to the Order, please add an additional 5% to your payment to cover PaylPal's standard processing and currency conversion fees.

To make a payment to The Order of Saint Joachim:

  1. Determine the amount of the payment you wish to make to The Order of Saint Joachim. If in doubt, please email Grand Chapter or the Grand Prior to determine the correct amount. Please add 5% to the amount to cover processing and currency conversion fees charged by PayPal.
  2. Choose the appropriate currency or do your own conversion and pay in the currency of your choice using a currency converter. (Our Grand Chapter dues, fees and oblations are set out in UK Pounds Sterling. PayPal will automatically do the conversion for you from your currency into UK Pounds.)
  3. Click the link to be taken to The Order's PayPal site. You can also send funds through PayPal to the email address:
  4. You will be asked on the PayPal form to fill in the appropriate amount you wish to pay to The Order in the currency of your choice. Remember to fill in the description of what the payment is for..
  5. You may wish to notify the Grand Chapter that a payment has been made.
  6. Notify Grand Chapter of any problems in using this form.
  7. The American Commandery also has its own PayPal account for its events and Commandery fees.

Members can purchace additional insignia and other items through PayPal. When placing an order, please also email Grand Chapter to itemize your order, ensure availability and confirm delivery address.

Entrance fees when joining as a new member are £100 plus first year's annual dues of £50 (total £157.50 including PayPal fee if paying by PayPal). If you are a prospective new member, please do not send your entrance fee until you have completed your Petition for Admittance and have corresponded with Grand Chapter. Annual Oblations are £50 (£52.50 if paying by PayPal), which are due March 31st of every year. Passage fees to Knight / Dame of £250 (£262.50 through PayPal).

If you prefer, The Order can also accept international money orders and cheques drawn on US and Canadian banks payable to: The Order of Saint Joachim.
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