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The Order of Saint Joachim collects information from prospective and current members of The Order for the following limited purposes:
1) To assess suitability for admission to The Order, including verification, if required, of biographical data,
2) To contact prospective and current members for the purposes of maintaining their membership and to provide updates regarding the activities of The Order, and,
3) To collect membership dues.

Data is collected and preserved in several formats. Applications for membership and supporting documentation are provided to The Order by members in both paper and digital formats. Hard copy documentation may be wholly or partially digitized by The Order to facilitate sharing among members of Grand Chapter responsible for review. When provided in hard copy, member documentation is stored and secured centrally by Grand Chapter or by the relevant National Commandery. Digital submissions are stored locally on relevant Grand Chapter officers' personal hard drives and disseminated by email during the review process. Occasionally, member petitions may be shared with members of Grand Chapter through password-protected file sharing services like Google Docs or Dropbox, which may also contain a summary in spreadsheet or other format of members' contact information. The Order does not maintain an online digital repository of The Order's membership documents, and any documents temporarily shared digitally are deleted following review.

All information is provided to The Order voluntarily by members and prospective members with their express consent. The Order may operate online forums or other social media channels such as Facebook, but any individual members' use of these channels is entirely at the option of the member and any information they may choose to share is entirely voluntary and within their direction, and is governed by the rules of that social media or other online channel and outside the control of The Order.

The Order restricts access to member data to those members of The Order's governing body ("Grand Chapter" or, in the case of National Commanderies, that Commandery's executive or designates) required to review and use the data in their normal course of duties, namely, reviewing applications for membership, updating the membership records of The Order, collection of dues, and communicating with and answering the inquiries of the membership. The use of membership information for any other purpose is strictly prohibited.

Except for the limited purpose set out below, The Order does not share the information collected with third parties outside The Order or its respective national commanderies where the member may reside. The Order may use, from time to time, third party service providers, such as Constant Contact, PayPal or other membership management or payment systems ("service providers") to facilitate communications with its members and the operation of The Order. In such case, the information provided to such service providers consists of the bare minimum necessary to provide such services, generally limited to name, email address and country of residence. In the case of service providers, The Order's data and accounts are password protected and rely on the service providers' security and data protection. The Order does not collect or maintain financial information from its members. Any financial information provided by a member or prospective member to The Order (for example, in the form of banking information contained in a cheque payable to The Order) is not retained. No financial information belonging to members is ever provided by The Order to third parties or service providers.

Members with questions regarding The Order's data collection or privacy policies or practices are invited to contact Grand Chapter.

As an international organization, The Order of Saint Joachim has members in different countries governed by different privacy laws, including PIPEDA in Canada and, effective May 25, 2018, the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). To read our GDPR privacy notice, please review the UK Commandery's data privacy page, which is applicable to all GDPR jurisdictions.

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