The principal distinguishing badge of The Equestrian, Secular and Chapterial Order of Saint Joachim consists of a gold eight-pointed cross, the whole enamelled in white. In the centre is an enamelled medallion with the figure of Saint Joachim in a green robe on a white field. In his left hand is a shepherd's crook. A green border surrounds with the word NOBILI at the top in gold, referring to the Order's motto NOBILI CORDI meaning Noble Hearts. This insignia has varied little from the ancient insignia of The Order.

Knights Expectant wear a small version of the enameled insignia in the button hole of their lapel.

The Knight's neck insignia hangs by a large gold ring from a dark green, watered silk ribbon, green being both the colour associated with Saint Joachim and the colour of the crest and banner of the house of Saxe - Coburg - Saalfeld (later Gotha). Knights may also wear a miniature medal suspended from a green ribbon on their left lapel. A Dame of the order (DJ) wears the same cross as a Knight, which can be suspended from a longer ribbon around the neck or optionally from a bow worn on the left breast.

For a Knight /Dame Commander (KCJ / DCJ) the badge of the Order is worn as a Knight/Dame, and in addition a further badge of the Order 3.25" in size is worn on the left breast. This is a star of silver bearing eight points, having, in the centre, a green cross pattée on a white ground within a laurel wreath, surrounded by a green circle bearing in gilt the Order's ancient motto: JUNXIT AMICUS AMOR (Love hath united friends).

A Knight / Dame Grand Commander (GCJ) wears a larger version of the Badge of the Order 3.25" in size suspended from a 4" wide dark green cordon (sash), terminating in a bow. Ecclesiastical members wear it on the right hip, while all others wear it on their left hip. In addition, the neck cross may, at discretion, be worn as in Knight/Dame or the breast cross as in Knight/Dame Commander. Generally, the Knight or Dame Grand Commander wears only the neck cross and sash cross alone or the neck cross and breast badge where the sash cross may be inappropriate to the occasion. The neck cross may be worn alone at discretion.

Members may, by choice, wear any insignia/badge of the Order up to their entitled rank, as may be appropriate to the occasion.

The Order's uniform is described in Hanson's account of the Order (1802), as a scarlet jacket with dark green collar and white facings and silver epaulettes with green crosses indicative of rank. The modern version of the uniform now in wear can be seen in the published regulations regarding its design and wear.

The Order currently has only two awards in addition to the above rank insignia. The Grand Master's Medal is awarded at the discretion of the Grand Master to those who have provided exemplary service to the Order. As of 2016, there have been fewer than 20 Grand Master's Medals awarded. The Order also has its Benefactor Medal, which is awarded at the discretion of Grand Chapter to individuals - both members and non-members - who have made an outstanding contribution to charity.

According to a tradition that dates back to at least the end of the 18th century, members of The Order of Saint Joachim are required to wear their lapel badge or other insignia in public at all appropriate times. Members observed not wearing their insignia or sign of membership were originally fined one Ducat, which was deposited in The Order's charitable fund. Upon the third occasion a member was seen without his insignia, he would be expelled from the Order. The modern Charter of The Order requires members to wear its insignia - a small enamel cross of the Order in the buttonhole - "on all public and appropriate occasions." It also provides for a fine of ten pounds for members and Knights being found improperly attired in public.

The modern insignia of The Order is similar to that in use since the late 1700s. Photographs and a discussion of The Order's earlier insignia can be found by clicking here.

The Equestrian, Secular and Chapterial Order of Saint Joachim has adopted several mottos over the centuries:

NOBILI CORDI meaning Noble Hearts. The word NOBILI is used on the face of the Order's Cross. CORDI appears on the reverse side of some of the Order's insignia.

JUNXIT AMICUS AMOR: Love hath united friends. This motto is shown on the face of the breast cross of the Knight/Dame Commanders and Knight/Dame Grand Commanders.

DEO, PRINCIPI, LEGI: God, The Prince, Justice, is the oldest motto of The Order's Knights.

The motto Juxit Amicus Amor (Love hath united friends) is a reference to the Book of Samuel, Chapter 20, which tells of the enduring friendship between David and Jonathan, after whom the Order took its original name.

The Arms of the Order are: Argents, a cross pattee verty and originally overall the crown of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. The arms of the Grand Master are: Quarterly 1 & 4 the arms of the Order 2 & 3 the personal arms of the Grand Master, the Arms encircled by the Grand Collar of the Order, the badge of a Knight suspended beneath the arms. The whole on a cross pattée verty.


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