The Gore-Niagara Sub-Commandery of the Canadian Commandery was established in 2017 to provide additional opportunities for members living west of Toronto to gather for social and fundraising events in the region.

Leading the Canadian Sub-Commandery of Gore-Niagara is Lt. The Chevalier Sean E. Livingston SBStJ, CD, KCJ. Lt. The Chevalier Livingston is a Naval Reserve officer with the CAF, as well as a teacher and Sea Cadet instructor. He is a naval historian and author of “Oakville’s Flower: The History of HMCS Oakville”.

The Gore-Niagara Sub-Commandery is host to the very popular annual Trafalgar Night Dinner, held in Hamilton. This traditional dinner celebrates the life and career of Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson, hero of Trafalgar and Knight Grand Cross of The Order of Saint Joachim. A Trafalgar Night dinner is steeped in tradition and is celebrated in Royal Navy Mess Decks and Wardrooms throughout the Commonwealth and on Royal Naval vessels serving overseas.

The evening itself follows a of traditions, including a toast to HM The Queen , which true to Naval tradition, is performed sitting down, as well as a toast to the “immortal memory of Admiral Lord Nelson”. Toasting at Trafalgar Night is always done with port, which is passed around by table hosts who take great care to pass Port in a clockwise manner and ensuring to pour for ladies first. The Sub-Commandery’s Trafalgar Dinner has added the tradition of a spirited trivia contest, pitting one side of the long table against the other in their knowledge of Nelson’s life and career.

The Trafalgar Night Dinner is also a fundraising event for the Canadian Commandery, where anonymous donations can be made, accompanied by the ringing of a bell and a cheer of “Huzzah!” from the assembled members and guests. Several thousand dollars are raised at the dinner through the generosity of Order members.

The Sub-Commandery also hosts several casual pub nights throughout the year to bring members together in a relaxed social setting.

Lt. The Chevalier Livingston is assisted by the Sub-Commandery’s Herald, Chevalier Captain Jason Burgoin CD, KJ, who produces a regular newsletter for the Sub-Commandery and organizes events.

Lt. The Chevalier Sean E Livingston SBStJ, CD, KCJ can be reached at