Under The Order's first and founding Grand Master, His Serene Highness Prince Christian Franz von Saxe - Coburg - Saalfeld, the Statutes and Rules of the Order were assembled and published (this time in Latin) for its Knights and members.

This 1768 document still exists as the Statuta & Leges Illustrissimi Equestris Ordinis Ionathae (The Statutes and Rules of the Illustrious and Equestrian Order of Jonathan). The author is identified as Johann Christopher de Grirseh, Chancellor of the Order. The bottom of the second page refers to the Grand Master, Christiano Francisco, ex Ducibus Saxo-Coburgicis de Saalfeld, or Christian Franz, Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld. 

A few pages are reproduced here from the original document.

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The order originally took its name from Jonathan, a figure in the Bible's Book of Samuel, Chapter 20, which tells of the enduring friendship between David and Jonathan. The Order's motto Juxit Amicos Amor (Love hath united friends) is a reference to their close friendship.

In 1785 a further change was made by the General Chapter to the Order's constitution to rename it The Equestrian, Secular and Chapterial Order of Saint Joachim, which it has remained to this day. 

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